An SEO passionate company

SEO Swifts is a Sydney based Search Engine Optimisation service that focuses on increasing traffic and organic rankings on websites. By offering affordable SEO packages, our ambitious online marketing team is dedicated to achieve first page rankings on Google.

How can Search Engine Optimisation help my website?

Here’s an example:

  • Let’s say you own a webshop that sells golf gear
  • Your domain name is
  • People type in the keyword “cheap golf balls online” on Google and start searching
  • Your website might not rank for this keyword (or it might rank for the keyword, but it’s ranking on page 6, which is not very good)
  • SEO Swifts will optimise the keyword “cheap golf balls online” so your customers can find your webshop on the first page

In this way, your website will receive much more organic traffic. More traffic means more customers!

The process sounds simple, right? However, the process of ranking for a particular keyword on the search engines requires lots of effort, various SEO strategies and different tools. But you needn’t worry; SEO Swifts will do all the hard work for you.